Sexual harassment seems to be becoming a common problem within the workplace.  According to the figures, women who are employed as waitresses are most likely to be the victim of sexual harassment. This is due to the owners of these restaurants who will pressure the employees into wearing what some might say, inappropriate tighter clothing, this would then lead to sexual remarks being made against them from either customers or fellow colleagues whilst also being asked on a date.

Sexual harassment 1

In recent news an executive chef Alberico Penati, who does business with celebrities such as Madonna, Elton John and even Prince Charles at central London’s Harry’s bar. Is accused of aggressive sexual harassment against employee Ms Signoriello which lasted a period of 4 months. The abuse consisted of Mr Penati using offensive sexual terms towards the employee and then followed up by phone calls of abuse.

Mr Penati was later taken to a tribunal where the result was Ms Signoriello walked away with £124,000 for sexual harassment and unfair dismissal. Alberico Penati was then told he had a “bullying, arrogant” approach towards his staff, which was grounds for constructive dismissal.

Employment law tribunal cases like this take place all around the UK, it is important that the victim comes forward as soon as possible to stop the sexual harassment and prevent any further bullying. It is grounds for constructive dismissal. If you feel you are a victim of such abuse then we urge you to contact us.

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