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    What is a settlement agreement?

    A settlement agreement is an agreement between an employee and employer, that settles any legal claims between them. Settlement agreements are common when a legal claim has been filed as they can bring a claim to an end swiftly. If an employer has a claim against them, a settlement agreement can settle a dispute with an employee and end any claims against them, without taking it further. The settlement can include anything, but it is most commonly associated with a sum of money paid to the employee which is negotiated in the agreement.

    A settlement agreement aims to prevent the legal claim from escalating and causing further distress and worry for both parties. It also prevents the employee from taking any further legal action against their employer in the future.

    I’ve been offered a settlement agreement, what now?

    If you have been offered a settlement agreement, Hatton James Legal will use our expertise to negotiate the terms quickly and fairly. It is also a requirement to get your settlement agreement signed off by a solicitor, to confirm it is valid. Not only this, but we will provide you with professional advice without the legal jargon, to ensure you get the best possible result.

    Our team are experts in employment law and can help get you the settlement agreement you deserve. To get the answers you need and free yourself from risk and worry call 0800 644 8646.

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    Get the answers you need and free yourself from risk and worry. Call 0800 644 8646

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