Restructuring and redundancies

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    Restructuring and redundancies

    If you are an employer thinking of making redundancies or restructuring, there are important details to consider. As an employer, you need to make sure the process is handled sensitively, and all procedures are followed to ensure issues don’t arise down the line.

    The size of your business will depend on what procedures you must follow legally. However, it is always best to follow the Employment Relations Act 2000. We will guide you through every stage, to ensure all of the necessary steps are taken, and the employees’ needs are met in the eyes of the law. All options must be considered and the reason for making the changes must be genuine.

    Don’t forget…

              • You need to ensure your actions are fair by giving your employees notice

    • You cannot use redundancy as a guise to hide the actual reason for dismissal. For example, poor performance or age.

    • It must be made for commercial reasons that benefit the business indefinitely.

    • You cannot hire someone in the same position, shortly after the role has been made redundant.

    Keep a paper trail
    It is important to keep a record of all the correspondence related to redundancy or restructure. This may include meeting notes, letters to employees, or accounting documents. You need to keep any documentation that proves that the decision to make a role redundant was made after careful consideration and is the best choice for the business.

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