Every employee has certain basic rights in UK employment law. We discuss them in a series of blog posts.

The next right in this series is to be protected against certain wrongdoing at the workplace.

Examples of wrongdoings

Basic right no.9 - protection against wrongdoing at the workplace 1You are protected against:

  • Workplace bullying– If you think your colleague or boss’s repeated verbal or physical actions are intimidating/offending/degrading/humiliating you, you have grounds to make a formal complaint. Unless the bullying is discriminatory, your only real option is to resign and claim unfair constructive dismissal.
  • Discrimination in the workplace – If you are treated unfavourably during recruitment or at work because of age, disability, gender, race, religion, pregnancy or your relationship status, it would be unlawful and give you a potential tribunal claim and you can stay in your job whilst doing so.
  • Whistleblowing – If you disclose information about unlawful activities at your workplace, UK employment law protects you for being treated badly as a result. Again, your remedy is a tribunal claim and you can also resign and claim unfair dismissal.

If you are facing any of these wrongdoings, you have the right to protect yourself. You could either:

  • Try to solve the matter informally, or
  • Raise a formal grievance against the employer or a colleague, or
  • File an employment tribunal claim within three months of the last the incident.

Typical compensation amounts range from £5k to £10k and we typically arrange for settlements on the grounds of a negotiated departure.

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