Employer services (for long-term cover, see our employer protection scheme)

Our experienced team at Hatton James Legal provides plain, effective commercial advice giving you peace of mind when faced with HR issues and allow you to focus on your business.

Example of our guidance to employers – maternity leave.

From setting up a company to employing staff, to maintaining and growing the business, there are legal requirements which you must follow. Simple mistakes and unnecessary delays can lead to costly and time-consuming litigation. We can assist with all of these challenges and minimise the risk and inconvenience of litigation.

In order to reduce the number of incidents such as absence, misconduct and timekeeping, it is important to set standards and ensure that your employees are aware of these.  Consistency is central to giving employees a uniform message.  One way of achieving this is via a Staff/Company Handbook in which you set out your ‘policies and procedures’.  This is helpful both to the employees and your managers, who can put these ‘policies and procedures’ to effective use.

We will carry out a free compliance audit on all your employment policies and procedures. This allows us to identify areas in which your policies and procedures fall short of legal requirements tailored to your business needs.

Drafting documents

We can provide all the necessary documents including Staff/Company Handbooks, contracts of employment and letters regarding disciplinary and grievances matters and various policies and procedures.

TUPE, redundancies and restructures

We can provide you with guidance and support on essential legal knowledge associated with TUPE, redundancies and restructures and provide you with business solutions tailored to your business needs.


Mediation is an effective alternative to potentially costly and time consuming litigation. We have qualified mediators who can help negotiate early settlements, and thereby save on the cost of litigation.

Tribunal advocacy

We offer Tribunal advocacy service in the event you find yourself defending a claim.  Allowing us to support your business with HR related matters from start to finish increases the prospects of successfully defending a claim.

Training and seminars

We provide training and seminars in key areas of HR management and employment law related procedures.

Employer Protection Scheme

We also provide the above services in one package (the EPS scheme).  The scheme is bespoke so that it can be tailored to fit round your requirements.