Do you know that salaried employees technically don’t get paid for working today? And there is no unlawful deductions claim available!

No pay and no unlawful deductions claim for working 29 February 1
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Just like the extra hour when the clocks get back (see our other post) salaried workers lose out by being paid a set annual amount per year, whether it is a leap year or not. This means a twelfth of your salary, whether in short months or long ones.

Employers would argue that staff pay already takes into account the vagaries of the leap year system.

Hourly and daily rate workers of course are unaffected by the length of the month – in fact, they have the opportunity to be paid for working extra!

An unlawful deductions claim is a cheap and simple procedure available to employees who are underpaid, but sadly not employees who have to turn up to work on a leap day.